Temporary Exhibition
23.03.18 – 13.05.18

Free entry

Barcelona Design Museum
Pl. de les Glories, 37
08018 Barcelona

Design Does* is a co-production between Elisava and the Barcelona Design Museum in collaboration with Domestic Data Streamers. The project collectively explores how design tackles the challenges faced by society, at times offering improvements and, at others, doing just the opposite.

Conceived to transcend the limits of space, time and conventional formats, this project explores the responsibility that lies with design and its impact on industry, people, social systems and cultural values. Design Does questions the designer’s role today and in the future as a provider of solutions, humanist, strategist and/or agent of change.

The showcase boasts a very high technological component and is conceived as a dynamic interaction and experimentation space that promotes dialogue with visitors. It is through a system of real-time data collection and display that visitors will interact with the items and share their sensations, reactions and opinions. The exhibition will serve as a centre of operations, connecting an extensive programme of activities and initiatives.


Produced and organized:

· Design Museum of Barcelona

· ELISAVA Barcelona School of Design and Engineering


· Laura Clèries
(Director of ELISAVA Research)

· Pau Garcia
(Domestic Data Streamers).

Scientific direction:

· Javier Peña(ELISAVA)

Project management:

· Eva Joan
(Design Museum)

· Cristina Taverner

· Martina Nadal 

(Domestic Data Streamers)


· Àngela Cuenca and Anna Soler
(Design Museum)

· Ingrid Gómez and 
Cristina Taverner

· Martina Nadal, Pep Quílez 
and Iolanda Monsó

(Domestic Data Streamers)

Architectural design:

· Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López and Anna Puigjaner

Graphic design:

· Ben Barber and David Ortega
(Achos Agency)

· Manu Rodríguez 

· Mar de la Llave

Visual and experience design:

· Domestic Data Streamers


Technological collaborator:

· Eyesberg Lab




· Jordi Majó (Subtitles)

· BAF (Assembly)

Production and assembly:

· Intervento


· Cube and Ilumarte


· Marsh

Graphic printing sponsor:

· HP

3D printing sponsor:

· BCN 3D

Language revision and translations:

· Mar Calpena y Antònia Torres (Catalan/Spanish)

· Jay Noden (English)

Activity programme:

· Carmina Borbonet (Design Museum); Albert Fuster, Arianna Mazzeo and Cristina Taverner (ELISAVA); Andrés Colmenares and Lucy Esperança Rojas (IAM)


· Xavi Roig and Patrícia Altimira
(Design Museum) 

· Claire Dubus and Atassa Cabrera

· Elisenda Muns
(Domestic Data Streamers)


· Tatiana Viladomat and Adriana Ribas

With the support of:

· Roca Sanitario S.A.

Website developers:

· LLos


The Barcelona Design Museum and ELISAVA would like to express their gratitude to the institutions and people who have contributed to creating and producing this exhibition:

Christien Meindertsma, Daniel Armengol, Flan*, Fiorenzo Omenetto, Gabriela Pérez, Golan Levin, Guillem Camprodon, Guillaume Teyssie, Julian Lawrence Farges, Julie Joliat, Laia Mogas,  Loic Le Goueeff, MADE Makerspace, Marta Giralt, Martin Gebhardt (Adidas), Martin Herde (Adidas), Nanna Kassenaar, Octavi Serra, Óscar Pérez, Rodrigo García González, Sergio Baraibar, Shawn Sims, Tara Mullins, The Story Tellers, Tomas Díaz, Vera-Marie Hoefer (Adidas), Yara Said and The University of Manchester.

Elisava is:

Ainhoa Abella (research), María Araya (research), Saúl Baeza (research), Gorka Biern (Business Relations Manager), Danae Esparza (Head of Studies – design degree), Guim Espelt (research), Cristina Ferraz (Director of Business Strategy and Development), Salva Fàbregas (Head of Graphic Expression Dept.), Blanca Guasch (research), Beatriz Martínez (research), Jessica Fernández (research), Maribel Gelabert (Executive Secretary), Marta González (Materials Area Manager), Marc Valls (Business Relations Manager), Noel Díaz (Workshop Manager).

Domestic Data Streamers is:

Pol Trias Coca (Design Management), Andreu Belsunces, (Curatorial Advisor), Alexandra de Requesens (Production Manager), Ane Guerra (Editor), Maria Fabuel, Iolanda Monsó and Octavi Serra (Experience Designers), Mariona Coma (Production Assistant), Pep Quílez (Management Assistant), Alex Bordanova (Head of Technology), Joan Planas and Miquel Santasusana (Technological Assistant), Pau Horta, Òscar de Dalmasses and Jordi Garreta (Developers), Axel Gasulla (Head of Research), Nicola Montaretto and Marta Handenawer (Research Assistants), Toni Llàcer (Associate Researcher), Elisenda Muns (Communications Manager), Manu Rodríguez (Graphic Design), Mar de la Llave (Layout Design and Final Artwork), Clàudia Serra and Martha Azcunaga (Graphic Design Assistants)Marc Castañé (Video director).

With the support of Achos Agency in the communications campaign.